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1. 机械外文翻译(中英文对照)

The development trend and countermeasure of the numerical control technology

Zhenghang Liu,GongWen,Xiaoying Wu ,Wanke Li and Xiaoying Li
1 WuHan Uiversity,WuHan (430079)
2 Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics,WuHan(430077)
Abstract: The text discuses the importance of the numerical control technology to the whole instry,and analysis the development trend of the numerical control technology and the present condition in domestic and foreign countries .By analyzing the comparing the present condition with foreign countries,it pointes out the direction we should go, and we should develop the high-speed,high finish machining technology , and the intelligently , openly , networkedlily technology , and the setting-up of the new technical standard .
Key words: the numerical control technology ; intelligently ; networkedlily,the new technical standard,the sustainable developmen。

The development of the engineering determins the modernized degree of the whole instry.Marx has ever said " the differences of different economic times, do not lie in what is proced , but lie in how to proce".Manufacturing technology is the most basic means of proction, and numerical control technology is the most central technology of the advanced manufacturing technology. Nowadays the manufacturing instry all around the world adopts numerical control technology extensively, in order to improve manufacturing capacity and level, improve the adaptive capacity and competitive power to the changeable market . In addition every instrially developed country in the world also classifies the technology and numerical control equipment of numerical control as the strategic materials of the country, not merely the great measures to develop one's own numerical control technology, but also implements blockading and restrictive policy to our country in view of " high-grade , precision and advanced key technology of numerical control ". In a word, developing the advanced manufacturing technology taking numerical control technology as the core has already become a important way to accelerate economic development and improve the overall national strength and national position.

刘征航,龚文,武晓颖 ,李万科 ,丁晓颖
1 武汉大学,武汉(430079)
2 中国科学院测量与地球物理研究所,武汉(430077)
摘 要: 本文主要讨论了数控装备对整个工业现代化的重要性,并分析了当前数控技术的发展趋势和国内外数控技术的现状。在对现状的分析和与国外的比较下指出了我国数控技术应该着力发展的方向。着重指出应该向着高速、高精加工,智能化、开放式、网络化,新技术标准的建立发展。


2. 求一篇关于机械的 外文文献翻译 要有PDF原文 和 文章出处的


3. 机械设计外文翻译

Crane Work Needs More Technique
Crane work needs more technology. Construction of tower cranes are the main vertical transportation equipment and also a measure of construction companies and equipment strength of the important logo, in today's increasingly competitive construction market, to meet the construction needs of many construction companies have bought the tower crane. With the tower crane at the construction site of the widely used by the tower crane accident also caused more and more to people's lives and property brought about great losses. According to national statistics, the departments concerned, the tower crane accident rate reached 2.77 percent. Its security problem is still the urgency of the construction
Loose training, testing and oversight requirements for the people who work around construction cranes have fostered a false sense of security in our instry. The recent deadly tower-crane collapse at a congested New York
City building site should be a wake-up call for us to question and step up our current safety practices.
Training and testing is king when it comes to safety. But the construction instry is putting unqualified personnel in the seats of construction cranes, even with today's testing. In many places, no experience is necessary after passing a standardized test. One week of study will give some people enough knowledge to pass a certification examination, and then they can jump into the cab of a crane.
Imagine that a commercial airline pilot had the same training as a certified crane operator. How would you feel the next time you decided to fly? In California, it takes more hours of training to wield a pair of scissors in a hair salon than to operate potentially dangerous lifting machinery. How does this make sense?
Riggers and signal persons also need standard training and testing to ensure safety under the hook. Employers usually allow any craft to signal a crane on a jobsite, despite best practices that require only qualified people do so. How is it then that uncertified and untrained people are allowed to signal and rig under the hook of a licensed or certified operator?
Tower cranes are particularly risky as urban sites become more congested, and the risk of a catastrophic event is very high ring climbing operations. Yet most tower-crane climbing crews are trained in a non-traditional manner, via secondhand knowledge that has been passed down over time. The problem with this type of hand-me-down knowledge is that it changes over the years, leaving out small-but-important details along the way. This "osmosis" of knowledge leads crews to develop their own tricks for climbing cranes, often forsaking basic safety in an attempt to save time and energy.
In many cases, there are no safety devices or alarms to warn of a serious problem. Climbing crews are subjected to pressures that affect safety-critical decision-making. It is not uncommon for climbs to continue with damaged or leaking hydraulic systems, out-of-adjustment or jammed guide rollers, often working in the dark and for extended hours. This "MacGyver" method of climbing, where every jump becomes a new adventure, should not be the norm.
Climbing-frame designs vary among manufacturers, but the operational steps are similar in principle. The climbing process is relatively straightforward, with a mixture of physical work and technical procere. It is not complex; it is more about knowing the proper sequence of what needs to be done and then following the steps, one by one, making sure each step has been successfully completed before moving onto the next. It is essential that everyone know exactly what is going on and what the dangers are at every stage.
That's why the instry needs standardized training, testing and oversight for this work, including a practical assessment of competence. Technicians should have model-specific training directly from the manufacturer, along with a level of practical experience. Inspectors, too, should be required to have specific technical training. They should be independent from all aspects of installation and maintenance to allow for objective decisions. Key personnel on erection crews should have standard training and testing.
When these needs are satisfied, crane operations should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturers' instructions, engineering principals and governmental laws. But instry stakeholders and lawmakers need to step up their lax standards to protect the public. New York City residents, who have seen their homes turned into st and debris, would be shocked at the way the instry deals with these issues.



松散的培训,测试和监督的要求, 周围的建筑起重机给这些工作的人树立了一种虚假的安全感,在我们的行业。最近塔式起重机倒塌在一个繁忙的纽约市建筑地盘应敲响警钟,提醒我们问题的存在,并加强我们目前安全的做法。
装配工人和发信号的人也需要标准的培训和测试,以确保安全下钩。雇主通常允许任何工人发信号指挥起重机上工地 ,尽管最佳做法是需要合格的人这样做。怎么能允许那么无证和未受过训练的人来代替有工作证或经核证的操作者呢?

4. 求机械类外文期刊文献翻译,英文要原文PDF格式的,毕业设计用的! 谢谢各位大神了!


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6. 求机械类外文文献,毕业设计要用的英文文献。


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